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Can you deny the excitement on the faces of this year's EcoFarm scholar applicants? We can't either. That's why we are working to raise the funds to send 'em to the 36th annual EcoFarm Conference and that's where you come in! Your generous donation will not only help make this possible, it will also actualize the growing community of farmers, educators, farmworkers, activists, and students working to build a thriving, sustainable food and farming system. EcoFarm Scholars receive a single conference day. EcoFarm Fellows receive a full EcoFarm Conference with meals and...Read more
Let's support the potential of triple-bottom-line farmers like Kelly Bradford of Old House Farm. Donate to EcoFarm's Scholarship & Fellowship Fund today! Kelly was awarded a Fellowship to attend the EcoFarm Conference in 2013. She's been helping to shape the Ecological Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (EFRA) ever since, which she recounts here, as featured in EcoFarm's annual newsletter. "In February 2014, the Ecological Farming Association working with the EcoFarm Farmer Fellows initiated a new farmers' association, now formally known as the Ecological Farmers...Read more
Beginning Farmer Asks: I have successfully completed a small business savings program and now have $6,000 to purchase a used tractor that I will be able to use in a future farming enterprise. Besides our local tractor dealers and Craigslist, are there specific auction houses I should be looking at? I'd be wanting something like a mid-sized John Deere that can mow, rototill, pull shovels, pull a disc -- the mythical all-in-one. I'm also open to other suggestions. If you were looking to invest, what would you do? Any advice is appreciated. Farmer Mentor Answers: I think...Read more
Happy Fall EcoFarmers! This E-News arrives as we are in the midst of wrapping up the EcoFarm 2016 Conference Agenda. Stay tuned for the line-up of conference workshops, pre-conferences and more! An announcement will go out as soon as our website and online registration is up and running by October 28th. In the meantime, read on and take a look at this year's fabulous sponsors listed below. We thank them for making the 36th annual EcoFarm Conference possible. Conference Art by Kim Hamblin.Read more
It's almost here! The 26th Annual National Bioneers Conference will take place in San Rafael, CA from October 16-18. The three day gathering will bring attendees together and provide them the opportunity to connect with change-makers, leaders, and community activists for emerging conversations about practical, visionary solutions for the world’s urgent environmental & social challenges. The conference will feature speakers, performers, workshops, and discussions covering topics from climate mitigation, to indigenous knowledge, to restorative justice, and much more...Read more
The 28th annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival right around the corner! Can you believe that autumn is just a few days away? Come celebrate harvest time with the farmers at the annual Hoes Down Harvest Celebration on Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th to honor agricultural arts and sustainable rural living. Two fun-filled days of events and seminars for all ages will take place at Full Belly Farm in rural Capay Valley. This 28th annual event offers the public a special opportunity to connect with rural life and deepen our understanding of the local food system...Read more
Regenerating our Lands and Water – annual EcoFarm Conference returns The 36th annual EcoFarm Conference will be returning to the Asilomar Conference Grounds January 20-23, 2016. This year's theme, Regenerating our Lands and Water, is inspired by recognition of the urgent need for holistic management of the land and our most precious of resources – water. What is the meaning of "regenerate"? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, "regenerate" means: 1) formed or created again 2) spiritually reborn 3) restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state. California...Read more
July is upon us, and before we know it summer will wane into autumn - calling for farmers to put their hoes down and celebrate the fruits of labor! Please join us at the Hoes Down Harvest Celebration on Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th to honor agricultural arts and sustainable rural living. Two fun-filled days of events and seminars for all ages will take place at Full Belly Farm in rural Capay Valley - a region of many small farms that supply Northern California's neighborhood grocery stores and eateries with fresh organic produce. This 28th annual...Read more
Celebrate agricultural arts and sustainable rural living at the annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival in the Capay Valley (Yolo County) on October 3 and 4, 2015. Two fun-filled days of workshops and events will be held at Full Belly Farm, located within two hours of San Francisco and Sacramento’s busy metropolitan areas. The rural Capay Valley region is home to many small farms that supply Northern California’s families, restaurants, and neighborhood grocery stores with fresh organic produce. The Celebration will offer the public a special chance to enjoy rural life and...Read more
The most delicious event of the Central Valley is almost upon us--the annual Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee! There is no better way to embrace the summer than by eating juicy, ripe, drip-down-your-cheek stone fruit, and you will find no shortage of it at the jubilee this coming Saturday, June 20th from 5:00 - 8:30pm in Clovis, CA. Sample and bring home over 60 varieties of organic peaches, plums, nectarines, pluots, and apricots, and spend your evening enjoying several other activities as well such as farm tours, jam making, a kids craft corner, a Japanese tea ceremony,...Read more