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Full Belly Farm is taking a year off from the Hoes Down Harvest Festival. We are re-envisioning this wonderful event and are excited to bring back an even more magical, educational, and meaningful festival come 2019. So please put October 5, 2019 on your calendar! The Hoes Down Harvest Festival is dedicated to honoring and promoting the knowledge of agricultural arts and sustainable rural living through inspiration and education. Our goals extend beyond the weekend of fun and education. Every year for 30 years, the Hoes Down Harvest Festival has generated valuable...Read more
Wise Words from Well Seasoned Farmers is a long-standing EcoFarm Conference tradition. This year, farmer activists Chris Bunn and Wendy Johnson shared their experience with EcoFarm attendees. Watch the session, now on video! Chris Bunn, 72, is a second-generation Salinas vegetable grower whose father began shipping Bunny brand lettuce in 1927. His family helped establish the Salinas Valley Vegetable Exchange, a very early example of growers getting together to market as a group. Chris grew up in a very dynamic farming community that has seen huge change over the 100...Read more
You can now download many of the workshop presentations from EcoFarm 2018, which make great companions to the set of audio recordings ! Click on a workshop below, then scroll down to View Presentation. A New Model for On-Farm Internships Advances in Organic Insect, Disease and Nematode Management Composting on Your Farm: New Rules and Regulations Controlling Pest Animals Without Poisons on Farms Creative Strategies for Financing Sustainable Farmland Succession Daily Drip Irrigation for Greater Yields Dedicating Land to Agriculture: Agricultural Conservation Easements...Read more
YOU can help shape EcoFarm 2019 by suggesting workshops and speakers via our online Workshop Suggestion Form by Friday, June 15, 2018. Workshops should cover practical and cutting edge information useful for farmers, ranchers, distributors, retailers, activists, and educators in ecological and regenerative agriculture. Over 60 workshops are presented at EcoFarm Conference each year on these topics: Soil, Roots, Water Crops, Seeds Farm Business, Labor Pest, Beneficials, Habitat Marketing, Retail, Wholesale Livestock Production Tools, Equipment Activism, Policy,...Read more
In his keynote speech at EcoFarm 2018, John Ikerd proposed that “Eliminating hunger is the first requisite of agricultural sustainability.” John told us, as he has written before, that “Thus far, the sustainable agriculture movement has put far more emphasis on the second requisite for sustainability than on the first—on developing an ecologically sound, economically viable approach to farming.” And he backed this up with what may be a startling statistic to some: “In 1968, when CBS-TV aired its classic documentary, “ Hunger in America ,” an estimated 5% of the people...Read more
Joanna Letz of Bluma Farm and Courtney Mellblom of Farmermaid Flowers shared their experience growing and selling flowers with a large audience in the “Organic Flower Production” workshop at EcoFarm 2018. The two women discussed imperative aspects of running a flower farm including financial record keeping, marketing and sales outlets, and the unique challenges and opportunities facing flower growers. Photo credit: Broken Banjo Photography Flowers tend to have more monetary value than food crops do, and this enabled Letz and Mellblom to start small, spend...Read more
Audibly attend EcoFarm all year long! Stream or download 130+ audio recordings from both EcoFarm Conference 2018 and 2017 for only $70. Browse the list of available recordings. You can login to the audio library here if you already have an account (such as a previous audio purchase) or purchased the audio recordings when you registered for EcoFarm Conference 2018.Read more
Farmer, educator, and award-winning author Jean-Martin “JM” Fortier shared “Appropriate Tools and Technologies for the Emerging Small-Scale Market Gardener” at this EcoFarm workshop. Using his farm as a model, JM shared why bigger is not always better when it comes to farming. In 2004, inspired by the small scale, raised bed gardens he observed on a visit to Cuba, larger scale farmers he met in France who preferred hand tools over tractors, and Eliot Coleman’s The New Organic Grower , JM began his own 1.5 acre farm . His farm has not grown in size since its creation,...Read more
Now available - the edited videos of all Keynote Sessions from the 38th annual EcoFarm Conference! Watch, learn, and share.Read more
Congratulations to this year's Susties and Justies, honored at EcoFarm's annual Awards Ceremony. The Justie was awarded to Dr. Gail Myers and Winona LaDuke. The Sustie," was awarded to Sally Fox, Gary Nabhan, and Dave Runsten. The Ecological Farming Association developed the Steward of Sustainable Agriculture ( " Sustie") to honor people who have been actively and critically involved in ecologically-sustainable agriculture and have demonstrated their long term, significant contributions to the well-being of agriculture and the planet. The Advocate of Social Justice ("...Read more