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Now available - the edited videos of all Keynote Sessions from the 38th annual EcoFarm Conference! Watch, learn, and share.Read more
Congratulations to this year's Susties and Justies, honored at EcoFarm's annual Awards Ceremony. The Justie was awarded to Dr. Gail Myers and Winona LaDuke. The Sustie," was awarded to Sally Fox, Gary Nabhan, and Dave Runsten. The Ecological Farming Association developed the Steward of Sustainable Agriculture ( " Sustie") to honor people who have been actively and critically involved in ecologically-sustainable agriculture and have demonstrated their long term, significant contributions to the well-being of agriculture and the planet. The Advocate of Social Justice ("...Read more
Be sure to take advantage of highly knowledgeable industry professionals in our Meet the Experts sessions while at EcoFarm Conference. Our experts offer free, in depth consultations focused on your specific business needs during 30 minute, one-on-one sessions. This year we have 13 mentors and consultants offering advice on topics ranging from Vegetable Production, Whole Farm Systems, Seeds, Food Safety, Poultry, Regenerative Grazing and Livestock, to Land Access, Loans, Farm Business, Financial Advice, Mediation and Legal Consulting. This opportunity is free of charge...Read more
ORGANIC FARMING ON & NEAR THE HOLLISTER PLAIN - Reserve your seat for this all-day informative field trip to four organic farms on Wednesday, January 24: Morris Grassfed , Pinnacle Organically Grown Produce , Coke Farm , and Evergreen Acres Dairy . The Hollister plain and surrounding foothills feature a great range of crops suited to the climate and fertile coastal soils, as demonstrated by the range of farms we will tour. Lunch will be catered by acclaimed chef Jim Denevan of Outstanding In The Field . Cost: $90 To learn more and register by Tuesday, January 16...Read more
Bacchus (god of wine) invites you to this esteemed EcoFarm Conference tradition on Thursday, January 25 from 5-7pm. Join us as world class organic vintners and cider producers pour spirits in your personal EcoFarm tasting glass. Pair your wine samples with tasty provisions and your taste buds will sing! Online $25 / Onsite $30 Bonterra Vineyards/Fetzer American Winery of the Year 2016 Chance Creek Vineyards Organically and sustainably grown and bottled in Redwood Valley Clif Family Winery & Farm “Wines with a Sense of Place” Comanche Cellars Sustainably crafted...Read more
Wednesday, Lunch Black Bean Soup (BL/Gf/V) Cubano Sandwich (D/M/W) Vegetarian Cubano Sandwich (V/W) Fresh Potato Chips (Gf/V) Cauliflower Salad (Gf/V) Caramel Banana (Gf/V) Wednesday, Dinner Marinated Cabbage Salad with Fresh Mint & Thai Basil (Gf/V) Shrimp Pad Thai (F/N) Tofu & Wild Mushroom Pad Thai (N/S/V) (Pad Thai: option for gluten free noodles) Fresh Fried Spring Roll (BL/E/V/W) Sweet Thai Chili Dipping Sauce (GF/S/V) Coconut-Pineapple Pannacotta (Gf/Veg) Thursday, Breakfast Scrambled Eggs (E/Gf/Veg) Bacon (Gf/M) Tofu Spinach Scramble - (Gf/S/V) Veggie...Read more
Crop producers who attend EcoFarm Conference are in for an abundance of relevant subject matter to help with crop planning, plant and soil nutrition and other production and marketing subjects. A few choices are highlighted here. Organic Flower Production will open up a whole new realm for growers looking to diversify from vegetables or who enjoy being surrounded by beautiful blooms. Flowers are not only gorgeous and satisfying to produce, but they preserve biological diversity for pollinators and insects who feed on nectar and pollen. They are a great choice for...Read more
Growers who attend EcoFarm Conference will get exposure to tools of all types. On show in EcoFarm's Marketplace includes companies: Oggun, Man@ Machine, KULT-Kress, and Tend. Oggun is more than a tractor, it's a way of thinking . Our world changed in 1981 when Don Estridge of IBM, launched the IBM PC. Estridge made the decision, revolutionary for that time and place, that the machine would be made from off-the-shelf, easily obtainable parts and that the design specification would be made public. He changed our world forever. Had he not died in 1985 in the crash of...Read more
EcoFarm Conference is rich with traditions. A long-standing ritual is the keynote panel of Successful Organic Farmers who share their stories and insights on Friday morning. Learn what these farmers do, why they do it, and what they’ve learned along the way! Please join us in welcoming: Jean-Martin Fortier of La Ferme des Quatre-Temps, Dee Harley of Harley Farm Goat Dairy, and Javier Zamora of JSM Organics. Successful Organic Farmers Jean-Martin Fortier, La Ferme des Quatre-Temps, Québec, Canada Jean-Martin (JM) Fortier is a farmer, educator and author specializing in...Read more
EcoFarm Conference plays a critical role in the work that scholars do on their farms and in their communities, serving as a platform for networking and educational exchange. Our fundraising campaign is still active, so if you haven't yet donated, we urge you to act now ! The more dollars we raise, the more scholars can join us at the 38th annual EcoFarm Conference . Thursday's scholars can participate in our Intergenerational Farmers Mixer , Seed & Scion Swap , Meet the Experts, and hear groundbreaking Keynote Speakers; John Ikerd and Doria Robinson , a long with...Read more