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Tractors, books, seeds, sustainable packaging, fertilizers, software, tools...You can find this and SO much more in our tented Marketplace at EcoFarm Conference. New this year, Patagonia will be featured in the Marketplace showcasing a variety of goods, including their new line of Workwear - built to stand up to long days of physical work outdoors, and their new spring line of All Seasons Hemp Canvas for warmer weather or more temperate climates. Don't miss tasting Patagonia Provisions line, including their Long Root Ale , made with Kernza , a perennial grain during...Read more
We are thrilled to announce the full line-up of educational offerings coming up at EcoFarm Conference this January. Building upon our farmer-to-farmer education model, EcoFarm Conference represents the convergence of all sectors invested in building a healthy food system and world. You, the EcoFarm community, make this possible - from your poignant workshop proposals, to your leadership in education, to the time you give to help organize the conference as a whole. Thank you! View the full schedule of Keynote & Workshop Sessions! View the Pre-Conference Events...Read more
By Renata Brillinger, Executive Director of CalCAN and a resident of Sonoma County, 5 days into the Northern California fires which are now nearly 100% contained as of this write-up. The wildfires raging here in Sonoma County, where I live, and in neighboring Napa and Mendocino Counties, remain virtually uncontained as we go into the fifth day. They are breaking records we don’t want to break: most deadly; most expensive; greatest property damage; worst air quality on record. And there are impacts as well with the loss of treasured landmarks, historic icons and...Read more
This year at EcoFarm childcare is offered for only $10 a day per child. Make sure to register online early as spots will fill up fast! Children will enjoy play time and a hands-on creative project in the childcare room, as well as outdoor play at the beach and/or a exploratory walk through the beautiful Asilomar Conference Grounds. Caregivers Neena and Sandy have over 15 years of experience providing childcare for EcoFarm families. Childcare Hours Thursday & Friday: 8:15 am - 5:30 pm (closed during lunch) Saturday: 8:15 am - 12:00 pm Please note that children must...Read more
EcoFarm is committed to fostering new leadership in ecological agriculture by providing financial assistance through our scholarship and work trade programs. W e've extended the application deadline until Tuesday, November 7, 2017! EcoFarm Work Trade: Work Trade is an opportunity to attend the EcoFarm Conference at a reduced rate by providing volunteer support for conference activities and logistics. Work Trade is also a great way to gain event production experience and engage with the EcoFarm community. Click here to apply for Work Trade EcoFarm Scholarships: We're...Read more
THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED. Join EcoFarm for a hands-on introduction to growing and saving your own seed supply! Community members are welcome. This FREE workshop will be taught by Jesse Hersh, owner of the small seed company start-up Con Semilla . After sharing a brief history of today's seed production industry, basic flower morphology and seed terminology, Jesse will demonstrate various processing techniques with seasonal plant materials. Participants will have the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience about processing and storing of seeds for farm...Read more
Earl's Organic Produce is an all-organic produce handler and a long-time sponsor of the EcoFarm Conference. Rodger Wasson of Farm to Table Talk along with two EcoFarm staff members journeyed over to Earl's warehouse to learn about their operation and the reasons why Earl sends over 30 of his employees (himself included) to the EcoFarm Conference every year. "It [EcoFarm Conference] sparks...a passion...and continues to re-affirm why I am in this industry." "The seminars are incredible...It [EcoFarm] is incredibly diverse and is continually broadening its stretch into...Read more
In preparation for the 38th EcoFarm Conference, staff member Deborah Yashar interviewed Mark Mulcahy, creator of the altar of produce that is set up on the main stage each year for the duration of the conference. Read on for a unique and inspiriting perspective from this organic retail pioneer. How did you get started with organic produce? “In the late 70’s and early 80’s I was reading Rachel Carson, Wendell Berry and Edward Abbey which peaked my interest in a better world. I started working at a coop that didn’t sell any organic food, which was curious to me. ‘...Read more
At EcoFarm Conference, people both young and old bring together their ideas to revolutionize the way agriculture works, from the field all the way to the checkout line. Today we kick off our scholarship campaign to fund the next wave of EcoFarmers eager to shape that conversation. Will you support them by donating today? Your gift will help us reach our goal of raising $20,000 to create a more inclusive EcoFarm Conference. Let's support beginning farmers and ranchers who are working to "SOW GOOD"! Interested in applying for a scholarship? Click hereRead more
Congratulations to Patricia Larenas and Ellen Cavalli - they each won a Dirt First tee for participating in our #dirtfirstselfie social media contest! About our prize winners... Baby Dean , Next Gen environmental protector, is the grandson of Patricia Larenas, the founder of Urban Artichoke where she writes about seeds, growing edibles, and responsible, earth-friendly garden design. Originally from Chile, Patricia lives in California where she specializes in replacing lawns with water-wise, earth-friendly designs, and edible gardens. A passionate seed keeper, Patricia...Read more