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Plants Transformed into Spiritual Tools for Healing

How can farmers and gardeners transform plants into essential oils to assist with healing, relieving pain, and lifting spirits? This workshop will explore the use of essential oils distilled from plants, focusing on woods of frankincense, cedar, myrrh, and sandalwood from ancient cultures such as Egypt and India, as well as flowers from the Seville Bitter Orange tree—used in the creation of Neroli oil—and roses from Bulgaria to make Rosa damascena. The speaker will discuss the use of essential oils for inhalation and massage to relieve pain and bronchial congestion, and for spiritual practices. She will offer information on distillation and the creation of products with essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols.

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B | 10:30 am

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Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones
Presenter Affiliation: 
College of Botanical Healing Arts, Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oils Inc.



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